Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?

The most frequently asked question is how long you can drive on one battery charge. Of course, this depends on the driving style, the surface and the skill of the respective driver. Basically, a battery charge lasts about half an hour for an experienced rider on the MX track. During extended enduro tours, the battery lasts longer: over 1 hour is no problem here!

Is the conversion from combustion engine to electric difficult?

Not at all! With both feet firmly on the rests and the brakes on the handlebars, you have everything perfectly under control. After a few laps on your home track, you’ll be hooked on the eBock. Many drivers break their own lap record on the same day and are thrilled!

Can the eBock even keep up with combustion engines?

The eBock has slightly less power than its combustion engine colleagues on the spec sheet, but this is not noticeable on the track. Quite the opposite: Due to its full torque right from the start, it gets away quickly at startup and hangs on to the “current” very well even at high speed 😉

Electricity and water - how do I clean the eBock?

The entire drive on the eBock meets the IP69K standard and is thus resistant to high-pressure cleaners. So, you can clean it just like any other motorcycle without worrying about water damage.

With which MX class can I compare the eBock?

From a technical point of view, the eBock most closely resembles a 250cc. However, our factory riders, as well as customers, also see it competing with a 350cc.

Is the eBock also suitable for beginners?

The eBock is suitable for everyone, whether beginner, advanced or professional. Through its 3 different mappings, the engine behavior can be optimally adapted to the experience of the driver. The lack of foot brake, clutch and gear changes make it easier for you to enter the motocross world.
A machine that grows with you.

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