BMS 200A

This battery management system ensures long life and increases the capacity of the battery.


By using a BMS (battery management system), one keeps both the life and the capacity of the battery at the maximum high level.

With the integrated balancing function, all 11 cells connected in series are constantly kept at the same voltage level during charging or discharging.

The integrated overvoltage and undervoltage protection reliably protects the battery against overdischarge and deep discharge. Current, voltage and temperature are constantly monitored. If the limit values are slightly exceeded, the battery is throttled. If the limit values are significantly exceeded, the system is switched off for safety reasons.


Due to the compact and robust design, the high continuous current and the waterproofness, the BMS is suitable for vehicles of all types.

Technical background

This BMS (Battery Management System) is a 36V BMS enclosed in an aluminum case for 11 LiFePo4 cells connected in series, each with a nominal cell voltage of 3.3V.

The continuous charge and discharge current is 200A. For a short time, the BMS can withstand 530A in both directions.

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