The high-performance charger for LifePo4 cells.

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This 36V high-performance charger can charge 11 LifePo4 cells connected in series with a nominal cell voltage of 3.3V each. The maximum charging current is 70A. The final charging voltage of the charger is 40V. Together this results in a maximum charging power of 2.8kW. The charger is operated on 230V 50Hz.

To ensure the longest possible service life of the battery and the charger, several intelligent safety circuits are integrated. On the one hand, the charger protects itself from destruction by reverse polarity protection and short-circuit shutdown. On the other hand, other safety circuits protect the battery from premature destruction by permanently monitoring the charging voltages and the charging current. If the limit values are slightly exceeded, throttling takes place. If the limit values are significantly exceeded, the system is switched off for safety reasons.


Due to the compact and robust design and the high charging power at a mains voltage of 230V, the charger is particularly well suited for the rapid charging of 36V electric vehicles of all types. The operation is intuitive and resembles a conventional charger. The charging status is indicated by a red and green LED on the device. During charging, the charging voltage and current are visible on an integrated display.

In order to be able to use the individual cells connected in series optimally and for as long as possible, we recommend the use of a suitable BMS (battery management system) in addition to the charger, which you can find in our shop.

Weight 10 kg
Battery type


Battery nominal voltage


Charging strategy


Input voltage


Input frequency (Hz)



90 %

Final charging voltage (VDC)


Final charging current (ADC)


Max. charging current (ADC)


Max. charging power (kW)


Operating temperature (°C)


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