Controller SL 1060

The compact and powerful controller together with the Sepaa21 and the various controls form the high-end traction drive for your vehicle.


To operate permanent magnet charged synchronous motors (brushless DC motors) and induction motors, a controller (inverter) is required that converts direct current (DC) into three-phased alternating current (AC).

The strengths of this controller lie in its absolutely compact functionality.

This compact, highly efficient and powerful controller together with the Sepaa21 (motor) and the various fittings (controls) form the absolute high-end traction drive for your vehicle. All components are perfectly coordinated so that you can experience maximum e-performance with your vehicle in every situation.

With this traction drive, the following drive functionalities can be implemented via the easy-to-integrate fittings:

Drive functionalities:

  • Control of the circuit breaker (relay) ⇢ Start/stop switch
  • Stepless acceleration ⇢ Turning handle fitting
  • Constant speed (cruise control) ⇢ Cruise control switch
  • Stepless braking (dynamic recuperation) ⇢ Hand or foot fitting
  • Engine brake (static recuperation) ⇢ Motor brake switch
  • Electric clutch ⇢ Hand fitting
  • Reverse gear ⇢ Reverse switch
  • Up to 8 different mappings ⇢ Mapping switch

Basic functionalities can also be combined in one fitting in the following combinations:

  • Accelerating and braking
  • Accelerating, braking and reversing
  • Accelerating and engine braking

Basically, this controller can operate the motor speed- or torque-controlled in 4-quadrant operation.

The controller requires either Hall, sine-cosine, resolver, SSI or BISS signals for commutation and position determination of the motor.

To ensure easy commissioning and safe operation, the controller has an autodiagnostics and autoinitialization algorithm.

The connection with other devices can be realized via CAN BUS, USB, RS232. Thus, a master/slave operation with several controllers can also be enabled via CAN BUS.

The controller is programmed via a terminal or a graphical user interface.

Weight1,1 kg
Dimensions14,7 × 9,6 × 6,3 cm