Engine Sepaa21

It’s finally here – the first electric motor without compromises.


To convert as much electrical power (product of voltage and current) as possible into mechanical power (product of speed and torque) and vice versa, a permanent magnet excited synchronous motor (brushless DC motor) is required.

The strength of the Sepaa21 lies in its highly efficient performance across the entire speed range.

It is precisely these outstanding basic characteristics, together with the air-cooled, high-pressure cleaner-proof, transmission-integrated and fuel-free design, that make the Sepaa21 the perfect traction drive for your vehicle.

The following actuator functionalities can be realized with the controllers and fittings specially adapted by us to the Sepaa21:

  • Stepless acceleration
  • Constant speed
  • Stepless braking (dynamic recuperation)
  • Engine brake (static recuperation)
  • Drive coupling
  • Reverse gear

The Sepaa21 with its 11kW nominal power and 30kW peak power has been specially developed for vehicles, especially for 2-wheelers, in which it proves itself even under the most adverse conditions.

Due to its special design, the Sepaa21 is maintenance-free for 2000 hours, which corresponds to 100,000 km at an average speed of 50km/h.

Basically, the Sepaa21 can be controlled depending on the indispensable controller, torque or speed and can be used as a motor or generator in both directions of rotation (4 quadrant operation).

It is thermally monitored by a KTY sensor.

No matter what controller you use, the Sepaa21 will give you unparalleled e-performance!

Ready for dispatch within 2-4 weeks.

Weight17 kg
Dimensions30,3 × 19,2 × 23 cm