Metzeler MC 360 MID HARD 80/100/21


The Metzeler MC 360™ MID HARD is the perfect choice for medium and hard surfaces. Made for the drivers of motocross, supercross, non-FIM enduro and freestyle events, it offers maximum performance in different racing conditions.

All MC 360™ tires have a reversible tread pattern. The polymers and ingredients of the compound for the Metzeler MC360™ focus on improving the stiffness of the tread blocks.

This results in maximum performance and maximum resistance to heating and dynamic stress to ensure consistent performance over the entire service life. All tires of the Metzeler MC 360™ range have road approval and meet the relevant legal requirements in terms of dimensions and indices.

We ourselves have put the tire through its paces. He offers a very good performance on various surfaces, has a very high durability and also has a good price. All in all, the best motocross tire currently available on the market!